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How Much Can I Load? – Vaporizers

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

When you’re going to use your vaporizer, it can be a bit more difficult to figure out exactly how much you should load in your unit to get the best experience. There are a lot of vaporizers out there and their herb chambers are as different in size as they are in their design. This can make for a confusing first time experience because most people inevitably end up asking themselves “How much can i load in this thing?” It may not be totally clear cut, but it isn’t exactly rocket science either, so in this post we’ll be laying out some of the more important points of how to figure out how much you should load into your vaporizer’s heating chamber!

How Much Can I Load Question 1 – How Many People Are You?

The first thing to consider when loading your vaporizer is how many people will be joining in on the session. If it’s just you, you won’t really need as much, so you can count on having a smaller session. This, of course, will depend on your preferences and tolerance level, but in general you can assume that 1 person will need less herb to enjoy a session than a larger group. If you’re vaporizing in a large group, you might want to fill the chamber up to it’s max capacity to get the job done as best as you can. The number of people who will be participating in the session should play the biggest part in how much you load into the herb chamber, so always make sure you know that number before you proceed.

How Much Can I Load Question 2 – Does The Herb Chamber Have a Max/Min Requirement?

Many vaporizers on the market today have some sort of suggested maximum and/or minimum filling point. In some cases, like in Storz and Bickel products, the minimum is any amount under the suggested filling point, so you’ll need to use the liquid pad to make up the rest of the space. This is because their products require your herb to be pretty locked in place to get the best results. In other vaporizers, putting too much herb in the chamber will overcrowd the heating chamber and keep it from vaporizing evenly. This can be a really big problem because a lot of your herb could very well go untouched. For that reason, it’s important to figure out just what your vaporizer needs to work it’s best.

How Much Can I Load Question 3 – Is It Packed Tight or Loose?

When you pack your heating chamber, one thing you’ll really want to keep from happening is packing your herb chamber too tight or too loose. If you pack it too loose, there you could get a very sub-optimal performance from some vaporizers, especially units that use convection heating, this is because the air can’t properly vaporize your herb if the herb is moving around too much when the air tries to hit it. With convection vaporizers, packing it too much means the unit will be unable to deliver heat to the center of the heating chamber, leaving a portion of your herb untouched and unused. As a result when filling to max a rule of thumb is to fill it up, but not pack it down and in. Keep your herb light and fluffy in the chamber.


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