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Variable Voltage Electronic Cigarettes – What to Look For

Monday, 30 November 2015

When you go out to buy yourself a variable voltage e-cigarette, you might be wondering what matters when it comes to your specific battery. Let’s be honest, the battery is the most important part, the tank can be replaced or pocked apart form the battery and added to it as an after thought. So the battery is really important, and it can really make or break the experience. To help all you vaper out there who might not know what to look for, we have this post to help you figure out what to look for in a variable voltage electronic cigarette.

Variable Voltage Electronic Cigarette Manufacturing Quality

The first thing you’ll want to make sure of is that your unit is well made. This can be difficult to figure out from something you see on the internet, but if you can figure it out you’ll be a lot better off for it. Look for forum post and reviews from trusted sites (like vapesterdam.com! :D) on the product you’re looking for. They’ll be able to tell you what the unit is made of and how high quality it is. What you’re looking to see is if there is a lot of high quality materials used like metal, and if the unit hold up well over time. There are some other little things you’ll be able to find out from the reviews when it comes to how high quality the piece is, so find all the info you can about the history of the product and how well it was designed and built.

Variable Voltage Electronic Cigarette Functionality

Look for a unit that has the functionality you’re looking for. If the unit has variable voltage, but only has 4 different actually settings, will that really satisfy your needs? Check out the increments the unit uses to step from one setting to the next to see how truly versatile the unit is and if you can really customize it to deliver the perfect experience for you.  If it can’t then you’ll need to pick a new unit.

Variable Voltage Electronic Cigarette Look and Feel

This is important: if the unit doesn’t suit your lifestyle in look or feel, don’t buy it. There are some people who can totally adapt their life to suit a more bulky unit. There are some who might actually prefer a more bulky unit. Others might want something a bit more unassuming or sleek to meet their portability needs. Some might like flashy designs while other like things simple and understated. Think about these things and pick your unit accordingly. There’s nothing worse than having to vape with a piece you totally hate to use.

Taking these things into consideration will help you to figure out what you need so you can pick the right unit for your life and style! So what do you look for in your variable voltage electronic cigarettes?

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