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Cool Pieces From Chameleon Glass

Monday, 30 November 2015

More often than not, when you think about glass pipes, you don’t think of complex or unique glass work. Nine times out of ten, pipes are pretty standard and you know what to expect, but that’s isn’t always the case, especially when it comes to Chameleon Glass. These guys are really skilled when it comes to glass work and are making some really cool functional pieces that you can enjoy a session from. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the cool glass coming out from these guys so you can see what kinds of things are possible when you take the idea of a pipe to another level.

Abraxas The Dragon

The name of this pipe and and of itself is crazy cool. This is a one-hitter that looks like the head

of a dragon! I feel like this is right up my alley and should be a part of my collection. Everything

from the marble eye to the color work and the design is awesomely executed.


This piece is cool because it really doesn’t look at all like a pipe from the top. It just looks like a

glass beetle with orange wings, and a pretty well made one at that. That’s what makes it such

a cool pipe, it flies under the radar. If you kept this piece clean, you would likely be able to keep

this piece out as a decoration, which is pretty neat.

Poison Dart Frog

The people at Chameleon Glass seem to like to make pieces that look really cool, though they

might be a bit harder to use and carry around vs a normal pipe. That being said, this pipe still

looks really cool and could easily pass for just a piece of glass art if you took good enough care

of it. The color work on this piece is really cool and would be a really cool addition to a collector’s

family of glass.


They call this piece Gorgo the dinosaur, a herbivore who helps you consume vegetation like all good

herbivores do. This dino  is an interesting and colorful interpretation of what a real one might look

like, but it’s a creative license we give a thumbs up to because it makes him (or her, we leave it up

to you to decide it’s gender) much more interesting to look at.


This is a piece in honor of their namesake, the color changing chameleon. This piece not only looks

really cute and fun, but it also changes color a lot like the real deal. This means your piece will only

be green for so long before it begins to change colors as you use it. This is a really cool thing that

lines up perfectly with the theme of the pipe.

The fact that all these pieces are so well made that they can be glass art pieces you leave out if

you take good enough care of them is pretty amazing. It’s a real testament to the skill of the artists

at Chameleon Glass!

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