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Cheap Bongs: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Tuesday, 01 December 2015

Bongs serve multiple purposes for most smokers. They aren’t simply a tube to smoke from, though they do serve that purpose too. They’re an art piece to be admired and coveted. They’re a reliable companion that you share with your friends during a session or enjoy on your own when you feel like smoking by yourself. Most of all, if you have a whole collection of glass, they’re a part of a smoking family! That being said, not everyone has the money to constantly add new expensive glass to their collection or family. Sometimes you just need a piece to fill a small gap that the pieces in your current collection can’t fill. Cheap glass bongs can be a great way to fill that gap without shelling out hundreds of dollars, so we’re here today to tell you all you need to know when it comes to cheap bongs so you don’t end up over paying or buying a cheap bong that doesn’t fit in with your collection.

The Good

Cheap bongs first big advantage is that they’re, well, cheap! You don’t have to spend a lot and you can add something cool to your collection. Better still, things like an ice pinch don’t cost much to make but can make a world of difference in the smoke quality. Not all will provide these kinds of luxuries, but as Marley Fumar and Amelia Sense said in their bong purchasing guide, you can find a cheap bong, especially one that’s acrylic that doesn’t break the bank and gets the job done! In the lower price brackets you can also sort out what kind of design you’re looking for (beaker base, straight tube, certain height etc.), then shop around for something that fits your style and meets your design requirements for a good price. This can be a great excuse to visit local head shops and take a gander at their goods, not like you really need one.

The Bad

Not all borosilicate glass is created equal. Some glass is higher quality letting the blower create a piece with thinner glass but equal durability. More often than not the cheaper bongs will feel a bit heavier than the higher priced ones for that reason. If storing or transporting it is something you’re concerned about, it could cause problems in the long run. It’s also a good idea to take a close look at the joints in the bongs you’re looking at to make sure the downstem is positioned to your liking. Cheap bongs almost never feature a glass-on-glass removable downstem and are usually built in. How well it has been built in will vary from piece to piece, but if it’s shoddily positioned it could Nerf or completely kill whatever water percolation the downstem was attempting to achieve. The materials to seal the area where the downstem meets the base may also be made of materials what won’t stand up well to heat. Make sure you ask lots of questions when it comes to the downstems of cheaper bongs. If the answer you get sounds shady, the bong probably is too.

The Ugly

There is usually a good reason why the piece of glass you’re looking at is cheap. A lot of times that’s thanks to it being made in china despite the U.S. company name. Check to see if there is a “Made in China” sticker on it. If you see it, that should set off some red flags. It can also mean the piece was made by a sub-par glass blower and in either case, the overall quality of the piece will reflect it. You might see nubs where the glass was cut, seams where 2 glass halves were fused together, or uneven or crooked shaping of the tube or mouth piece. You might even see all of the above, and we’re pretty sure that won’t make for a piece of glass you want as part of your collection. Something we’ve also seen a lot of is poor color execution when it comes to colored glass that’s been worked into the piece. It often looks sloppy at best, likely done in an attempt to make the bong look less like it was mas manufactured with little attention to quality or detail.

Like we said before these glass pieces can be part of your smoking family, and if you’re trying to save money you don’t want to waste it on a clearly inferior, unsatisfying piece of glass. What makes cheap bongs for sale alluring can sometimes distract you from the problems that could come with having an ugly or poorly functioning piece of glass in your collection. The point is you should choose wisely when it comes to picking your glass, be it cheap or expensive. After all, money wasted is still wasted money no matter what you paid for the piece.

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