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cheappipesbongs.com is a factory for specializes in high quality tobacco glass pipes, water pipes, glass bongs, bubblers, dab rigs, glass spoons, vaporizers, electronic cigarettes, and so on. Our head shop will direct sell all the glass products. And we make sure that all products are for well function and made of high quality borosilicate glass. 

Why Choose US ?

As we know, a lot of smoking head shop, local head shops sell items at very high price and takes long stocking period, what's more, online head shops in USA have the same problems too, you must be disappointed with that.  Now through our cheappipesbongs.com,  you can get amazing quality products but enjoy lower price than from other markets. All products are sufficient  to your demand,  whether you are doing drop shipping or wwholesalee are your best choice. We also accept the customed items, as long as you have a detailed design drawings, or samples, please send it to us, we will blowing customed bong for you within 3 day.

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