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Medium Tornado Cyclone Perc Dab Rig

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Item specifics

Height: 26cm=10''

Joint: 18.8mm

Thickness: 4mm

Net weight: 0.54kg

May have 1cm error in actual measurement

You will received:

1pcs Glass Bong

1pcs Ceramic Nail

1pcs Ceramic Carb Cap

This one of a kind tornado cyclone concentrate rig will blow your mind! The spiraling, spinning, tornadoey action is straight up mesmerizing. Thanks to it's unique turbine disc percolator and saucer design, this pipe forms an incredible cyclone effect that'll have the smoke still spinning as it hits your lungs! This water pipe makes for an awesome center piece and is gauranteed to be the talk of every party it's at.  IT'S A TWIIIIIIISTER!

Features Of This dab rig

straight neck
Straight neck designs involve a neck branching vertically up into the mouthpiece from the chamber. They allow smoke or vapor to travel directly up to the mouthpiece.
Disc perc
Disc percolators are circular percs which resemble a disc. Disc percs have slits or holes for filtration and diffusion. They usually come in specific types such as turbine disc percs, honeycomb percs, or ratchet disc percs.
Turbine disc perc
Turbine disc percs are a type of diffusion system consisting of a solid disc of angled slits placed inside the water chamber. The angled slits create a spinning effect which both cools and diffuses the smoke while creating a unique visual effect.

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